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Scuba Diving


The perfect place for Underwater Photography: Being in the center of the coral triangle along the verde island passage presents unthinkable opportunities for seeing unique creatures for MACRO photography. Colorful sites, walls and reefs also offer many opportunities for beautiful wide angle shots.

CONSERVATION IS A PRIORITY. We encourage divers, specially photographers to respect marine life and keep our impact on marine life as minimal as possible.


Our local guides and Divemasters have keen eyes and good knowledge of marine life behaviour, more importantly, they respect marine life. They are well trained in terms of diving, rescue and safety skills.


While special marine life like Rhinopias, Hairy frogfishes, Melebe and special nudibranches have their seasonality, usually during the colder months (November to March or mid-April),  there is always something special to see in Balayan Bay (more popularly known as Anilao). News travel fast about special sightings, the area is a small well networked community so the opportunity to see the most popular and recent finds is there.

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Photo booth at the Camera Room
Charging & assembly stations

check out our camera room

Simple and efficient, the camera room has a drying area at the entrance where you can air spray the water out of your UW camera housing. There are charging and assembly stations with towels for drying. A humidifier cabinet is available to keep cameras safe from moisture in case you want to keep your digital bundle extra dry.

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