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  Macro Subjects. Small is big!

Being in the heart of the coral triangle presents numerous subjects for macro photography. There is always something beautiful, unique and interesting to shoot, all you have to do is wait, move slowly and be part of the reef.

We put value in respecting the reef, no touching, avoid harrassing and giving subjects a break.

The subject and protecting the reef is more important than the picture you can take.

Emperor Shrimp
Blood Spotted Glossodoris
Nautilus by Arnel Sevilla
Warty Frogfish Face
Beaded Nudibranch. Photo by: Carmela Sevilla
Conk Shells. Photo by Arnel Sevilla
Juvenile Painted Frogfish. Photo by Arnel Sevilla
Coleman Shrimp. Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Nudibranch. Photo by Carmela Sevillas
Pipe Horse/Lembeh Sea Dragon. Photo by Arnel Sevilla
Juvenile Giant Frogfish. Photo by Arnel Sevilla
Decorator Crab. Photo by Arnel Sevilla
Anilao Facelina. Photo by Carmela Sevilla.
Conk Shell. Photo by Carmela Sevilla.
White Ghostpipefish. Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Tomato Clown Fish. Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Lined Glossodoris. Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Juvenile Ghostpipefish
Ambon Scorpionfish
Rhobust Ghostpipefish
Pygmy Seahorse
Spotted Chromodoris Trio. Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Stargazer. Photo by Arnel Sevilla
Praying Crab. Photo by Arnel Sevilla
Pregnant Crab
Clingfish on Whip Coral. Photo by Arnel Sevilla
Candy Crab
Facelina.Photo by Arnel Sevilla
Common Octopus. Photo by Arnel Sevilla
Purple Shrimps. Photo by Arnel Sevilla
Seahorse Close Up. Photo by Arnel Sevilla
Green lined Nembrotha. Photo by Arnel Sevilla
Serenas Notodoris. Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Blue Chromodoris. Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Beauty above and below.
House Reef
Portulano Boat and Diver copy
Portulano Resort
Largest of the boulders. PHOTO BY: Carmela Sevilla
Makoto Underwater
Daryl Laut
Ligpo Cavern Barrel Sponges
Table Coral at House Reef. PHOTO BY: Carmela Sevilla
Schooling Jacks with Diver. PHOTO BY: Arnel Sevilla
Wall of Soft Corals. Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Soft Corals at the Pinnacle. Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Yellow Fan at Cavern Wall. Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Dive and Trek
Resting Shark. Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Swim through cave.Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Lettuce Corals.Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Giant Barrel Sponge.Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Rambo the turtle.Photo by Carmela Sevilla
Schooling Batfish.Photo by Arnel Sevilla

Nature is a gift that not only energizes us but heals our souls. There's nothing like getting inspired with a dose of creation's beauty.

A  total experience.


Everything here is done with care and a personal touch. We love what we do, we love the ocean and we always like to reflect the beauty of nature and our tropical islands.

All rooms have an ocean view.
Mornings at the sundeck.
Handmade lamps add a special touch.
Sunsets at the sundeck.
Gameroom pool table.
Details at the dining hall.
Camera room photo booth.
The house reef pier.

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