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 Diveshop &  Water Sports



Portulano Gameroom_edited.jpg

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Provides a full and stunning view of the ocean and the entire Balayan bay. Breathtaking sunsets can be viewed here and is a perfect place for stargazing. Mornings are simply gorgeous and beautiful from this view. Hammocks and the cabanas are a great places to hang out in anytime of the day. 

Features well maintained scuba & snorkeling gear rentals: BCDs, Regulators, Wetsuits, Mask & Snorkel, Booties, Fins & Dive Computers. We use 2 top shaped Bauer Compressors for AIR and Partial Pressure Blending for Enriched Air breathing gases. Helium for technical diving can be made available upon request & prior booking. We use only top grade compressor oils & employ scuba tank maintenance & cleaning above industry standards. Breathing gas quality is certified & accredited by the Philippine Commission on Sports & Scuba Diving.


 Saltwater Pool

Lounge & Cabanas

Two seater at the gameroom.
Previously loved books at the lounge
Cozy corner at the lounge.
Butaka at the lounge.
Corner with a view at the lounge.
2nd level lounge.
Hillside Cabana.
Recycled tire swings @HillsideCabana

An eternity pool that features a 1.2 meter depth area for shallow water scuba diving training and the larger part of the pool is about 4 meters in depth is deep enough for bouyancy, finning and skills training. This pool also serves as a place to relax and swim. The pool is cleaned using a sand filter and water treatment. Water is also changed regularly.

The resort is designed to have  places to lounge, relax and live in. There are many small areas to discover at the resort where you can find your personal space. Lounge chairs at the pool, on the ground floor deck, fronting the sea at the entrance, cabanas with hammocks at the sundeck near the Hillside Rooms, places you can consider your favorite spot.

 Camera Room

Function & Game Room

Photo booth at the Camera Room
Charging & assembly stations
Game table pool & pingpong
Kids corner and play area.

Simple and efficient, the camera room has a drying area at the entrance where you can air spray the water out of your UW camera housing. There are charging and assembly stations with towels for drying. A humidifier cabinet is available to keep cameras safe from moisture in case you want to keep your digital bundle extra dry.

Cozy corners to relax in, a pool table, pingpong/table tennis, cocktail tables and chairs. This is also set up to a conference room that can fit 40+ people. A projector and screen is available for workshops, meetings or conducting dive courses. A great place to hang out, this area is a favorite among guests.A kids corner is also available with books, toys and a drawing and play table.


  Restaurant & Dining

 Private Parking Area & Pier


Buffet style dining with ala carte snacks available only during afternoon snack hours. A La Carte is available for longstay guests and weekdays. Our food is well rated by guests! A combination of continental dishes, local fare with a real commitment to natural ingredients and healthy selections. Gluten-free, Vegan diet options can be coordinated with the kitchen, just advise us ahead of time.

Parking Entrance
Parking 2
Parking 3
Parking Pier

We have a private pier and parking area, located in San Luis, Bauan, Batangas. It is 5 minutes away by boat from the resort. This pick up location is much closer by land (20km) compared to the Anilao Pier where boats used to pick up guests since it is on the northern side of Anilao. Land travel is reduced by at least 30 minutes with this pick up point.

Emergency & First Aid

Emergency Assistance Plan in place.
100 % Oxygen available.
Can be used as deco tanks.
Mobile kits for boats.
Medical Oxygen.

Emergency readiness and prevention is an important commitment to us. A first aid kit, AED, spine-board, Emergency Oxygen both medical grade and 100% Emergency Oxygen delivery systems for diving emergencies are always maintained and ready for use. An EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE PLAN is in place, resort & dive services staff are regularly trained for Basic Life Support and First Aid assistance. As a member of the PRoOcean Batangas Dive Pros, we have access to Emergency pick up points across Balayan Bay for ease of medical services coordination. 

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