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Scuba Diving


We do not compromise when it comes to our air.  We use a well maintained K-14 Bauer compressor with a Mariner 2 Bauer compressor as back up. Filters are changed promptly, we use only high grade synthetic compressor oils. EAN/NITROX fills are also available on site using partial pressure gas blending.

New and well maintained dive gear and snorkelling gear are available for rent. Dive computers, underwater flashlights are also available.

We have 4 boats, a 40 foot large Safari outrigger boat appropriate for Verde Island Tours as well. A 30 foot outrigger, a 25 foot outrigger and  a 22 foot speedboat.

A salt water training pool with a 1.2 meter area for shallow water scuba diving training and the larger part of the pool is about 4 meters in depth, deep enough for bouyancy, finning and skills training.  The pool is cleaned using a sand filter and water treatment. Water is also changed regularly. The house reef is 10 meters away from the pool for ease of training.

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