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About us....

Portulano in Italian and Spanish mean Portolan. Medieval maps used for navigation but also considered and created as works of art.

The resort is something like that, it combines character, design, art and functionality.


Established in 2003 and officially launched in 2005, the resort is like the owner's masterpiece: a canvas and a continuing expression found in every detail and design.

You can also say that Portulano, just like these old navigational tools is a place where you can find your bearings. 

A  total experience.


Everything here is done with care and a personal touch. We love what we do, we love the ocean and we always like to reflect the beauty of nature and our tropical islands.

All rooms have an ocean view.
Mornings at the sundeck.
Handmade lamps add a special touch.
Sunsets at the sundeck.
Gameroom pool table.
Details at the dining hall.
Camera room photo booth.
The house reef pier.
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