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Frequently Asked  Questions

IS THERE WIFI AT THE RESORT? Yes, high speed internet is available for free.

CAN I PAY BY CREDIT CARD? Yes, note however that special promos or discounts do not apply to credit card payments.

WHAT IS THE ELECTRICITY VOLTAGE? It's 220 and outlets are for flat 2 pronged plugs. Universal adapters are available.

CAN I STILL DIVE IF I FORGOT TO BRING MY DIVING LICENSE? Yes, but only under the supervision of a dive instructor and within beginner or intro diving limits. This will be treated as an intro dive. If you are certified by PADI or SSI your certification details can be accessed by the resort online.

WHAT IS THE SHORE, HOUSEREEF DIVE LIKE? Shore diving is very good, with pristine conditions and there is much to see, turtles, colorful corals and marine life. The resort is accessed only by boat thus providing a more secluded, quiet and preserved area.  This also makes the house reef safer for diving and dive courses due to limited boat access and traffic.

HOW FAR ARE THE DIVESITES FROM THE RESORT? Area boat dive sites are just 5 minutes away, other sites like Anilao Pier is 15 minutes away, Mato 20 minutes, Mabini 30-40, Tingloy are 45 minutes via outrigger boats, and faster via speedboat when available, for further sites, we do 2 dives out.

HOW LONG IS THE LAND TRAVEL FROM THE AIRPORT OR MAKATI CITY? If you leave early around 6-6:30 am, you can make it in less than 2 hours. Leaving later specially during summer months could mean a longer trip between 2 to 3 hours.

I DON'T HAVE MY OWN TRANSPORT, COULD I RENT ONE OR TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORT? Car rentals are usually best shared among a group. Check current rates, just note these are subject to change depending on prevailing fuel prices. Public transport is also easy from Makati, please check our link on getting to the resort.   


  • Ideal arrival time would be in the morning so traffic and boat transfers to the resort are easy to manage. For late evening arrivals, boat pick up from resort private pier to the site is possible usually during November-May. Lounge area is available for you if you arrive before your room is ready.

  • Low tides and disturbances usually prevent evening boat trips from June to October. Boat transfers are usually not possible from 9pm-5am. Since there is a 2-2.5 hour travel time between the Airport and resort pick up point, we can recommend a hotel airport or arrange the nights stay at the charming Taal Heritage Town, or MAROBA PAWS BY THE SEA, Beach House a private residence, beside our private pier. 

CAN I GET THERE EASILY VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT? Yes, public transport is easy from the airport or Central Business District. However if you are carrying a lot of luggage it's best to get a private car transfer. Please check our link on getting to the resort.   

WHAT IS THE BEST ROUTE TO GET TO THE RESORT WITH MY OWN VEHICLE? This depends on what day or time you are travelling if you leave around 6-6:30 am. During weekdays, or mornings, the Tagaytay route is more scenic and has minimal traffic in the mornings (2 1/2 hours). The South Luzon Expressway and STAR tollway is the ideal route, you can make it in 2 hours if you leave early.  If you are travelling back to Manila or the airport in the afternoon of either Saturday or Sunday, Tagaytay would be busier so the S.T.A.R. tollway is recommended. Visit our "get here" link for more details.

ARE THE ROOM TOILETS EQUIPPED WITH HOT SHOWERS?  Yes, we have centralized heating using gas. This takes longer than electric heaters but is more environmentally friendly.


CAN THE RESORT ACCOMMODATE A BIG GROUP FOR TEAM-BUILDING, PLANNING OR OUTING? The resort is an ideal place for a group of 36-40 people with this activity in mind. Advise us what you need so preparations can be made. We can also provide team-building activities, just advise us of your objectives and preferences.

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