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Get yourself underwater and experience the most colorful reefs the world has to offer right in the center of the world’s coral triangle. Marine biodiversity at it’s best is right here. There is nothing like breathing underwater and getting a dose of creation’s beauty.

PHOTO: Carmela off to a dive


Get close to nature and experience stunning views of the mountains, limestone ridges and the ocean. The house reef offers clear waters, rich marine life and a pristine reef for skin divers and snorkelers to enjoy. Turtles, an array of fish and reef creature variety is right at our doorstep.

PHOTO: Guenter Taus at the House Reef


Get close to nature and experience stunning views of the mountains, limestone ridges and the ocean.

Some of our guests have even encountered dolphins while kayaking.


There’s nothing like being out in the ocean experiencing beauty above and below. Paddle boarders have even encountered turtles and manta’s swim close to them.

PHOTO: Su Chin Paddle boarding



An easy trail providing a spectacular view of the reef is a must. The Batangeño's in the area have kept the trees untouched so beautiful trees and foliage are seen through out the trekking route. Meeting the friendly villagers is also worth the trip.

PHOTO: Arnel on the trekking route.


Help us clean the coastline. We consider each dive an opportunity to rid the ocean of plastic trash that harms marine life. Every year, we conduct Coastal Clean Ups and aim to do more when the monsoon winds and wave bring in trash that can removed to rescue our oceans.

PHOTO: Ardi and Elmer collecting coastal trash


We have reef extensions and domes which is a breeding ground for small fish and coral growth. The most populated are the reefs using recycled wine bottles where eels, shrimps and fish thrive. We conduct maintenance and improvements. Groups come to help deploy or sponsor artificial reef projects, something you may want to join or organize with us.


A fun filled fish and marine life identification activity where adults and even kids can learn how to appreciate and protect marine life. It makes snorkelling, diving and even exploring more fun. A great activity for families, kids, and friends.

PHOTO: Albino Clownfish by Arnel Sevilla

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