Safety guidelines &  travel requirements

 While the resort has an open air environment that promotes safety, we continue to require all guests to follow DOT health and safety protocols for everyone’s safety. Please see the guidelines below.

Do not travel if you feel ill & are exhibiting symptoms of Covid19 or have been exposed to someone with symptoms or are either Covid19+ or suspected of being Covid19+. You will not be allowed entry to the resort if you have symptoms but would be quarantined and be referred to the local health facility.


It is best to get a negative COVID SWAB TEST: Antigen or RTPCR  with a 7 day validity. Or, you may also submit a Medical Clearance/Certificate which can come from your local barangay office or doctor. (Makati Residents can secure a medical certificate online via or doctor. This takes about 2-3 days to secure.


You may use the following services:

MEDICAL CLEARANCE VIDEO CONSULT: Dr. Hazel Hernandez 09178254003 (Mon-Wed 1-5pm, 24-48 hours booking & 24 hours delivery of cert. P350) Teleconsults (P250) are available Thursdays onwards.

LABMOBILE ANTIGEN SWAB: 09471598644, 09153647928 (P2,500)

HEALTHMETRICS ANTIGEN SWAB HOME SERVICE: 09175386931 (P1,500-2,000 depending on location) 24-48+hrs booking depending on location, 24+ hrs results.

  1. Maintain social distancing on site.
  2. Wear masks whenever possible, but most especially when conversing with others at closer distances.
  3. Sanitize often, and always when using high touch surfaces such as condiments that are shared with others.
  4. Dining will be scheduled to help maintain social distancing.
  5. Observe social distancing & sanitizing during times where socialising happens, eg: wine and cheese sunset hours! DOH discourages sharing food, when this cannot be avoided, please do so with caution, maintain a distance conversing since masks are not worn when eating, avoid talking when there is food directly below you. 
  1. DOT/DOH recommends that members of the same household can stay in one room on twin sharing. Otherwise single accommodation is the recommended set up.
  2. When sharing a room it is important to verify that your room mate is Covid Free for the purposes of safety and avoiding cross infections, we also recommend an open air environment (fan) to ensure good room air circulation.
On site guidelines:
  1. Diving schedules will be set in advance for better management & control.
  2. Set up your own gear to limit exposure of your equipment.
  3. You can also sanitize your regulator mouth piece and BCD inflator hose before using it.
Other guidelines:
  1. You may bring covers for your regulators & bcd inflator hoses to help prevent exposure & contamination for yourself & others.(resealable bag/plastic bag with rubber band will do, ensure it is kept properly)
  2. Bring facemasks, include a spare, ensure it is well kept when not in use & will not cause ocean litter.
  3. Bring personal sanitizing gear/items so that you can keep yourself & your gear sanitized as often as you feel the need to.


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North side of Anilao,


Tel: +639175404257